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  • Business and Community Partnerships

    The Ultimate Return on Investment

    Katy ISD school-business partnerships are mutually beneficial, long-term relationships that provide value to both the campus and the company.  Partnerships are, first and foremost, designed to give our business community the opportunity to donate human resources to our students and staff.  These relationships are not marketing opportunities but rather opportunities to sincerely serve and benefit children. 

    The core values that govern our partnerships are: 

    • We choose what's best for kids:  When making decisions, our conversation always begins with what's most beneficial for students.  Students and the teachers who lead them are at the center of every
      Katy ISD School-Business Partnership.
    • We put people first:  Our partnerships are relationship-driven.  School-Business Partners make every effort to personally engage with their partner campuses, and to volunteer when possible.  Campuses make every effort to include business partners in campus activities, and they welcome interaction with partner employees.
    • We respect one another's organizational purpose and guidelines:  Schools and businesses understand one another's core values and purpose.  They seek common ground between the two while operating within one another's guidelines.
    • We create new partnership opportunities:  Our partnerships are dynamic, innovative and always remain open to new ideas.
    • Both business and school actively participate in the partnership:  Campus and business representatives lead the way in developing the partnership relationship, staying in touch with one another, and creating opportunities to expand the partnership.  Campus liaisons are faithful in leading their staff and students in appropriate reciprocation and expressing gratitude for partner support.


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