• Introduction

    In December 1988, the Katy ISD Board of Trustees established the Police Department. In January 1989, Mark Hopkins was appointed Chief of Police.  At that time, four others, Assistant Chief Robert Jinks, Officer David Carroll, Captain Keith Meier, and Sergeant Wilbur "Bubba" Grimes, took office.  As of June 1, 2021, the department has now grown to 74 Police Officers, and 58 Security Guards, divided among our schools and facilities.

    Because cooperation and collaboration is important for effective law enforcement and emergency management, the Katy ISD Police Department and Office of Emergency Management collaborate and cooperate with seven law enforcement agencies and eight emergency service districts (fire and medical) that serve the citizens of Katy ISD.


    The Katy ISD police jurisdiction includes all territory within the boundaries of the District (181 square miles) and all property, real and personal, outside the boundaries of the District that is owned, leased, or rented by the District or otherwise under the District's control.


    Peace officers employed by the District have the same authority, powers, privileges, and immunities as bestowed on all Texas peace officers while on or off duty.


    The Katy ISD Police Department will be recognized as a leader in campus public safety practices, committed to integrity, service and excellence, while supporting the diverse and dynamic campus community's pursuit of academic goals in an environment free of crime and the fear of crime by demonstrating resolve to develop a creative, forward-thinking, effective, and efficient workforce dedicated to raising our level of excellence to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


    The mission of the Katy ISD Police Department is to effectively and efficiently provide for the protection of lives and property, preserve public peace, and, with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards, provide the central and campus administration specialized services, strengthening their ability to prepare students for the changes and challenges of the future.

    Core Values

    Integrity First: The Katy ISD Police Department is built upon a foundation of ethical and professional conduct. We will be truthful and trustworthy at all times. We are committed to equal application of the law to offenders and members of the public as well as the equal application of rules and regulations to all members of the district. We are committed to the highest level of moral principles and ethics.

    Service before Self: We are dedicated to serving the community and meeting all challenges with the courage needed to accomplish our mission. We understand our role as enforcers, and temper our application of the law with compassion and empathy. We place the service provided to the community before our personal biases and needs.

    Excellence in All: We believe that excellence is not a matter of ability, knowledge, or practice. It cannot be taught, imposed, or wished into existence. Excellence is a matter of the position we take that allows for performance that surpasses what was previously possible. In all things, we are committed to continuous improvement, best practices, creativity, and innovation that challenges old limits and maps new space.


    All of Katy ISD peace officers are licensed and certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. There are four peace officer certifications, including Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master. More than half of our personnel are Master Peace Officers.

Contact Us

  • Chief Henry J. Gaw, Law Enforcement Center
    Phone: (281) 237-4000  
    Fax: (281) 644-1960