• The behavior happened at school, activities, or on buses.



    The school has jurisdiction to address behavior that happens on campus, school events, or school transportation. If the behavior happens through electronics, it may fall into campus jurisdiction-report to campus administration if the other answers are yes.


    ​The behavior was on purpose with the intent of doing harm.


    Accidents happen. If it is repeated, report the situation. 

    ​The behavior is repeated.

    ​The behavior may be rude or mean, but unless it is severe or repeated, it is not bullying. Ask school personnel to help mediate the situation, if necessary.

    ​There is an imbalance of power or an attempt to create one.

    ​Conflict can arise with peers, close friends, or in any social situation. Children are learning to navigate social interactions appropriately. Ask school personnel to help mediate the situation, if necessary. 


    The behavior disrupted the educational environment or infringed on your child’s rights.


    The behavior must interfere with a student’s learning to meet the state definition of bullying. 


    Report the incident to campus administration for a complete investigation. 

    Your concerns are important to us, even if the behavior does not constitute bullying. All behavior will be addressed according to the Katy ISD Discipline Management Plan. 


    Conflict is a behavior that is oftentimes confused with bullying because the behaviors can be the same. There are some key factors that distinguish between the two. Use the chart below to evaluate whether your situation is conflict or bullying. 

    ​Conflict   ​Bullying
    ​Equal power  

    Imbalance of power

    Disagreement or agreement where both parties are involved


    One person intends to harm or humiliate the other. 

    Maybe it is accidental.


    On purpose

    If asked to stop, the other person would listen.


    The aggressor does not consider the target’s feelings and will not stop.

    Effort to come to a resolution


    No attempt to resolve