• Online Instructor Course Certification


    Katy ISD offers a TxVSN approved course titled Online Instructor Certification. Currently, the course is only offered to Katy ISD staff.  This course prepares teachers to be an instructor for TxVSN. This 60 hour course is required for all Katy ISD staff interested in teaching for Katy Virtual School. Katy ISD staff who complete this course will earn 60 hours of professional development. However, completing the course does not guarantee selection as a Katy Virtual School teacher. 

    Course Overview

    This course is designed to prepare the participant to make the transition from the face-to-face academic environment to the virtual environment. It is also helpful for instructors wanting to incorporate a more blended learning environment into their face-to-face courses.  The course equips teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary to design and maintain an online classroom . Throughout the six-week course, participants will create an ongoing product that contains the components of an online lesson or module.

    The following concepts will be the primary focus of the Online Instructor Certification course:

    • Frequently asked questions when managing an online course
    • Alignment with TEKS requirements
    • How to benefit from the virtual community to perpetuate the improvement of your course
    • Best practices when designing an online course

    ​Course Outcomes

    • Develop a learning module consistent with the essential standards of the Quality Matters™ Rubric
    • Develop learning experiences that demonstrate understanding of the foundation of online instruction
    • Understand the importance of promoting clear expectations and prompt communication with students and parents
    • Develop and model hosting techniques for required instructional sessions
      Promote and model legal, ethical and safe behavior in the online classroom and with technology
    • Understand diversity of student academic needs and learning styles in the online classroom

    Katy ISD staff interested in taking the Online Instructor Certification course, please email Katy Virtual School to request information about the next cohort.