• KVS Guidelines

    Retake Procedures for Katy Virtual School
    Review the Katy ISD Virtual School Retake Procedures in your KVS course​. Students should be familiar with these guidelines.  If students have any questions, they should contact their KVS teacher. ​

    Semester Exams
    Semester exams are proctored online. Summer Semester Exam Dates​

    Exam Exemptions
    Semester exams for Katy ISD Virtual School courses may not be exempted through the campus semester exam exemption process.  All students enrolled in the Katy ISD Virtual School will be required to take the semester exam. 

    Students will have access to the online version of the adopted textbook. A physical copy may be checked out through your campus bookroom. Follow these proceduresto obtain a printed textbook. 

    Online Proctoring
    Most KVS exams are proctored online.  Please review the online proctoring information in the Student Guidebook

    ​​​Dropping a Course
    The Katy ISD Virtual School follows the same guidelines for dropping a course during the school year as published in the Course Catalog.
    To drop a course, the parent or guardian should email Katy Virtual School

    Prior to requesting a refund, students must be dropped from the course. Refunds are issued in the original form of payment and processed by the District Business Office.  Consult the Katy Virtual School calendar for the last date to drop with a refund.​  During the fall and spring, courses dropped after the 4th week of the six weeks will be used in determining UIL and extracurricular eligibility. For fall and spring courses, students may not drop an elective course after the end of the second six weeks. 

    Student Technology
    Students are expected to provide their own technology, including a computer, Internet access, Google Chrome, a headset with microphone and a webcam. Students can use their District issued Chromebook. 

    STAAR End of Course Assessment
    Students enrolled in courses that have an EOC assessment will be required to take the EOC.  AP US History students who complete the course in the summer will take the US History EOC during the December administration.  AP US History students who complete the course in the Spring will take the US History EOC during the Spring administration. The student names will be provided to the Assessment office to include in the appropriate test cycle.  

    College Board AP Tests
    ​​Students who complete AP courses through the Katy ISD Virtual School are expected and encouraged to take the corresponding AP test in the spring following the course completion.  Students register through their home campus. ​ Students who participate in an AP course through KVS may access the corresponding Spring TestPrep course at no additional charge. 

    NCAA Eligibility
    District courses that are approved for NCAA initial eligibility are also approved for KVS. KVS is an approved NCAA non-traditional provider.

    College Board Advanced Placement (AP)
    Katy Virtual School is an approved College Board online provider for AP courses.