THS Staff Directory

Administration Dr. Melinda Stone Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.3106   

Administration Karlyn Fuquay Associate Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.3180   

Administration Grant Smith Assistant Principal: Curriculum & Instruction    Contact Phone: 281.237.3114   

Administration Tim Chesser Assistant Principal: Student Support    Contact Phone: 281.237.3115   

Administration Sandra Lacks Assistant Principal: 9th    Contact Phone: 281.237.3198   

Administration Andre Brooks Assistant Principal: 10th    Contact Phone: 281.237.3113   

Administration Patrick Wallace Assistant Principal: 11th    Contact Phone: 281.237.3119   

Administration Tracy Walt Assistant Principal: 12th    Contact Phone: 281.237.3123   

Administration Meredith Bollich Secretary: Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.3106   

Administration Carla Cosper Secretary: Associate Principal    Contact Phone: 281.237.3180   

Administration Cindi Adams Secretary: 9th AP    Contact Phone: 281.237.9246   

Administration Deborah Thomson Secretary: 10th AP    Contact Phone: 281.237.3109   

Administration Kim Jochec Secretary: 11th AP    Contact Phone: 281.237.3161   

Administration Casey Weinman Secretary: 12th AP    Contact Phone: 281.237.9259   

Administration Kerri Giannangelo Student Support Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.3134   

Counselors Jean Borzik Lead Counselor: Gard-Hua    Contact Phone: 281.237.3165   

Counselors Peggy Cameron Counselor: Casti-Garc    Contact Phone: 281.237.3165   

Counselors Carol Cowand Counselor: Hub-Mann    Contact Phone: 281.237.3168   

Counselors Alicia Leung Counselor: A-Casth    Contact Phone: 281.237.3138   

Counselors Karmen Mundt Counselor: Sn-Z    Contact Phone: 281.237.3168   

Counselors Brandye Simper Counselor: Petf-Sm    Contact Phone: 281.237.3168   

Counselors Angela Sticker Counselor: Mano-Pete    Contact Phone: 281.237.3165   

Counselors Cathy Davis Counselor's Secretary: 9th-12th A-L    Contact Phone: 281.237.3165   

Counselors Kathy Howard Counselor's Secretary: 9th-12th M-Z    Contact Phone: 281.237.3168   

Counselors Lindsey Cano Social Worker    Contact Phone: 281.237.3629   

Counselors Tiffany Mitchell College and Career Readiness    Contact Phone: 281.237.3147   

Counselors Nancy Santos Dropout Prevention Coordinator & Recovery Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.3619   

Registrars Christy Maeker Professional Registrar, Credits/Transcripts    Contact Phone: 281.237.3159   

Registrars Valentina Jesurum Registrar, Enrollment/Withdrawal    Contact Phone: 281.237.3151   

Registrars Susana Camacho Secretary: Registrar's Office    Contact Phone: 281.237.3159   

Attendance Dominique Lilley Attendance: 9th    Contact Phone: 281.237.3160   

Attendance Carla Lopez Lara Attendance: 10th    Contact Phone: 281.237.3153   

Attendance Leonetta Butler Attendance: 11th    Contact Phone: 281.237.9159   

Attendance Siara Washington Attendance: 12th    Contact Phone: 281.237.3177   

Campus Clinic Kimberly Barrow 3Clinic Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.3607   

Campus Clinic Claire Fachney 2Nurse: 9th Grade Campus    Contact Phone: 281.237.3126   

Campus Clinic Holly McVey 1Nurse: Main Campus    Contact Phone: 281.237.3125   

Library Christina Alvarado Media Specialist    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Library Ilian Nieves Rivera Aide: Library    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Athletic Administration / Physical Education Chad Simmons Athletic Coordinator/Football Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.4421   

Athletic Administration / Physical Education Brooke Plemons Assistant Athletic Coordinator, Girls Track, Girls PE, Health    Contact Phone: 281.237.9214   

Athletic Administration / Physical Education Lynda Gardner Athletic Secretary    Contact Phone: 281.237.4421   

Athletics / Physical Education Marcos Vallejo Head Athletic Trainer    Contact Phone: 281.237.9269   

Athletic Administration / Physical Education Daniel Fletcher Asst Athletic Trainer    Contact Phone: 281.237.9271   

Athletics / Physical Education Blair Ary PE Girls, Health, Girls Basketball Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.4419   

Athletics / Physical Education Matt Brayton Boys PE, Study Hall, Boys Basketball Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.4410   

Athletics / Physical Education Paul Cochran KOLA, Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.1489   

Athletics / Physical Education Louise Crite Health, Volleyball Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.9233   

Athletics / Physical Education Robert DeStefano Boys PE, Head Boys Soccer Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3681   

Athletics / Physical Education Grant Justus Comm Photo, Digital Art & Animation, Apl Rec & Leis, Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3130   

Athletics / Physical Education Jason Larsen Health, Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.9213   

Athletics / Physical Education Eric Perkins Boys PE, Athletics    Contact Phone: 281.237.4403   

Athletics / Physical Education Morgan Vela PE Girls, Girls Soccer Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3193   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Kristen Samuelson Department Chair, Adv. Digital Arts & Animation, A/V Production, Principles of AAVTC, Blue Review, Head Tennis Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3616   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Brianna Arriola Advanced Animal Science, Floral, Practicum of AFNR, Livestock Production, FFA    Contact Phone: 281.237.9221   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Lian Blake Principles of Health Science, Health Science Theory    Contact Phone: 281.237.9247   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Sara Burke Floral Design, FFA    Contact Phone: 281.237.3661   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Caleb Clark Ag Structures, Ag Equipment, Ag Mech, FFA    Contact Phone: 281.237.3657   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Kyna Elegba Fashion Design 1 & 2, Interpersonal studies, Principles of Human Service    Contact Phone: 281.237.3621   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Justin Faltysek Leadworthy, Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3617   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Julie Fuda Digital Marketing, Fashion Marketing, Career Prep, Business Law, and Entrepreneurship    Contact Phone: 281.237.9242   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Gay Hollis Professional Communication, Debate    Contact Phone: 281.237.3618   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Chris Hudson Computer Science 1, Computer Science 3 Data    Contact Phone: 281.237.9211   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Kashif Husain (LTS) Intro CS, AP CS A, CS Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3620   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Jim Jolley Digital Art & Animation, Animation 1, Football, Boys Track    Contact Phone: 281.237.9202   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Grant Justus Comm Photography 1 & 2, Digital Art & Animation, Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3130   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Megan McClelland BIM 1 & 2, Accounting 1 & 2, Global Business    Contact Phone: 281.237.3680   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Billie Powell Digital Art & Animation, Touch Systems, Softball Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.9223   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Son Quach AP Computer Science Principles, Comp Game Dev    Contact Phone: 281.237.3127   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Abigail Rackley Dollars & Sense, Financial Math, Princ of Hospitality & Tourism    Contact Phone: 281.237.3612   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Ricky Ramos Engineering Science, Engineering Design    Contact Phone: 281.237.3189   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Patrick Reinecke Leadworthy, Wrestling, Football, Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.237.3667   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives David Robbins Prin of Engineering, Arch Design 1    Contact Phone: 281.237.4415   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Jenna Robinson Prin Bus Mktg, Sports Entertainment Mktg 1 & 2, FBLA    Contact Phone: 281.237.9260   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Jarryn Rosas Health Science, Medical Term., HOSA    Contact Phone: 281.237.4424   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Jerry Shimek Wildlife Mgmt, Sml Animal/Equine, FFA    Contact Phone: 281.237.3176   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Lanme Sierra Princ of Ag, Floral, FFA    Contact Phone: 281.237.3665   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives James Simpson Journalism, Leadworthy    Contact Phone: 281.237.9275   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Hope Tilford Human Growth & Dev, Lifetme Nutrition & Wellness, FCCLA    Contact Phone: 281.237.3651   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives DonaVon West Leadworthy, ISS, Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.3672   

Career and Technical Education / Technology Applications / Electives Lacy Wood PALS, Principles of Education, Interior Design, Cheerleading Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.2794   

English Lisa O'Neal Department Chair, English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3640   

English Abiha Abedi English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3641   

English Matt Apple English, Swimming & Diving Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3642   

English Eric Brunsell English, Acad Decathlon    Contact Phone: 281.237.9227   

English Jenny Brunsell English, Acad Decathlon    Contact Phone: 281.237.9220   

English Rachel Bush HCC Dual Credit ENGL 1301/1302, 2322/23, Creative Writing    Contact Phone: 281.237.3606   

English Robin Dickey English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3174   

English Dani Ezzell English, Yearbook    Contact Phone: 281.237.8960   

English Ericca Fader English, Nat'l Honor Society    Contact Phone: 281.237.9232   

English Karen Flaugher ESL English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3679   

English Kevin Gorman English, Baseball, Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.5147   

English Chris Harris English    Contact Phone: 281.237.9236   

English Amanda Johnson English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3150   

English Wendy Krout English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3625   

English Natalie Lumpkins English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3624   

English Tonya McKelvey-White English, Girls Track Head Coach, Girls Cross Country Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3163   

English Jeff Mixon English, Football, Boys Track Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.9095   

English Talya Monroe English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3678   

English Kelsey Mouer English, Girl's Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.4423   

English Lane Myers English    Contact Phone: 281.237.9216   

English Abby Neal ESL English    Contact Phone: 281.237.9208   

English Marie Parsons ESL English    Contact Phone: 281.237.9231   

English Andrew Pate English, Asst Boys Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3172   

English Addie Porter English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3654   

English Blair Schlicher English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3644   

English Jennifer Simpson Strat Reading, SAT/ACT prep    Contact Phone: 281.237.3630   

English Katherine Smith St. Reading, College Prep English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3610   

English Rachel Tate English    Contact Phone: 281.237.9230   

English Nan Venghaus HCC Dual Credit English 1301/1302, English II KAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.2791   

Fine Arts Lauren Butaud Department Chair, Head Dance Director/Pacesetters    Contact Phone: 281.237.9282   

Fine Arts Keli Aman Art    Contact Phone: 281.237.3662   

Fine Arts Mike Ary Director of Bands    Contact Phone: 281.237.9268   

Fine Arts Sara Blumber Theater Tech, PAC Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.3663   

Fine Arts Kathleen Buys Art    Contact Phone: 281.237.3655   

Fine Arts Emily Cabana Art    Contact Phone: 281.237.9250   

Fine Arts Clint Capshaw Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.3652   

Fine Arts Casey Carruth Asst Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.9265   

Fine Arts Carolyn M Collins Theater    Contact Phone: 281.237.3653   

Fine Arts Andrew Frug� Asst Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.9267   

Fine Arts Sarah Hannum Asst Dance Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.9200   

Fine Arts Gracie Ibemere Asst Orchestra Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.0093   

Fine Arts Dave Singletary Asst Band Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.9266   

Fine Arts Jason Smith Art    Contact Phone: 281.237.9218   

Fine Arts Jo Beth Wasicek Asst Choir Director    Contact Phone: 281.237.9264   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Brandy Cabe Department Chair, American Sign Language    Contact Phone: 281.237.3692   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Claudia Balderas Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.237.3645   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Buffy Brummett Spanish, Head Cheer Coach and Varsity Cheer Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3628   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Efrain Gutierrez Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.237.3634   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Maggie LaRotta Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.237.3167   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Elaine Miranda Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.237.3613   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Stefania Mitzithras Latin    Contact Phone: 281.237.4417   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Natalia Montalvo Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.237.3601   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Alice Reyes Spanish    Contact Phone: 281.237.9229   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Adena Sealock French    Contact Phone: 281.237.3633   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Diana Sima Gombos French    Contact Phone: 281.237.3673   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Sarah Smith German    Contact Phone: 281.237.3615   

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) Naomi Wang Japanese    Contact Phone: 281.237.9234   

Math Sandra Weems Math, Student Council, Dept Chair    Contact Phone: 281.237.3685   

Math Sarah Carlson Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9256   

Math Carolyn R Collins Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3157   

Math Kat Dachniwsky Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3182   

Math Juliet Dever Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9263   

Math Cedric French Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3669   

Math Ann Graesser Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3659   

Math Jai-Lyn Helaire Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9258   

Math Russell Krenek Math, Head Baseball Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3124   

Math Shauna McClure Math, Girls Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.9219   

Math Brodie Nakama Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3650   

Math Karin Negron Math, Girls Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.237.3683   

Math Sharon O'Shields Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3603   

Math Alex Park Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3186   

Math Zach Peabody Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3637   

Math Massimiliano Perut Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3670   

Math Mary Reddick Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3697   

Math Justin Romero Math, Head Boys Cross Country    Contact Phone: 281.237.2795   

Math Austin Simmons Math, Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.3196   

Math Chris Simmons Math, Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3179   

Math Jennifer Skinner Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9217   

Math Reggie Taylor ISS, Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.9253   

Math Ryan Tough Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9222   

Math Madison Trzeciak Math, Girls Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.237.2790   

Math Craig Walla Math, Golf    Contact Phone: 281.237.9201   

Math Dr. Chunyu Wang Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.9254   

Math Jamie Wittick Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3699   

Science Jessica Mixon Department Chair, Science, Swimming & Diving    Contact Phone: 281.237.3145   

Science Paige Arneson Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3190   

Science Elizabeth Ballard Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3631   

Science Erin Bell ESL Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3643   

Science Mikaela Branson Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.2180   

Science Kyle Brown Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3690   

Science Steven Buckheit Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3528   

Science Heather Burgess Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.9243   

Science Mary Camacho Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3611   

Science Bruce Ferland Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3608   

Science Alyssa Glover Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3689   

Science Melanie Hendricks Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3695   

Science Monica Jackson Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.9204   

Science Megan Larsen Science, Softball    Contact Phone: 281.237.9235   

Science Christina Lyman Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.9206   

Science Hannah Mancill Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.9245   

Science Mahshid Marivani Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3691   

Science Charles Moore (LTS) Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3195   

Science Rebecca Rodriguez Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3164   

Science Jennifer Slater Science, Volleyball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3698   

Science Haley Spain Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3111   

Science MaryAnn Terry Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3694   

Science Abby Tieken Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3688   

Science Scott Veeder Science, Baseball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3677   

Social Studies Mary Difiore-Smith Department Chair, Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.9241   

Social Studies Corbin Amos Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.9289   

Social Studies Collin Bledsoe Social Studies. Wrestling    Contact Phone: 281.237.4414   

Social Studies Jon Campbell Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3122   

Social Studies Nicholas Cheesman Social Studies, Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.3660   

Social Studies Luis Espinosa Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3192   

Social Studies Clara Ferreira Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.9279   

Social Studies Joe Gibbons Social Studies, Golf Head Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3638   

Social Studies Theresa Gray ESL Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.4412   

Social Studies Holly Hayes Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3659   

Social Studies Joon Hyun Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3681   

Social Studies Heath Iglesias Social Studies, ISS, Football, Softball    Contact Phone: 281.237.4418   

Social Studies Jennifer Kleiber-Boatcallie HCC Dual Credit US History, AP Research    Contact Phone: 281.237.9205   

Social Studies Erich Klopp Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.4413   

Social Studies Mark Kluppel Social Studies, Boys Soccer    Contact Phone: 281.237.3693   

Social Studies Patrick Knock HCC Dual Credit Government, AP Government, AP Comparative Government, Government    Contact Phone: 281.237.4411   

Social Studies Sheila Lundell Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3636   

Social Studies Greg McGee Social Studies, Debate, Personal Financial Lit    Contact Phone: 281.237.9207   

Social Studies Austin Oxener Social Studies, Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3162   

Social Studies Brandon Patterson Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.4416   

Social Studies Bruce Phillips Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3105   

Social Studies Keith Roy Social Studies, HCC Economics    Contact Phone: 281.237.9209   

Social Studies Phillip Sanders Social Studies, Football    Contact Phone: 281.237.9210   

Social Studies Catherine Schroeder Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.9249   

Social Studies Virginia Westbrook Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3675   

Social Studies Samuel Yang Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.9226   

Special Education Macey Grant Department Chair, SPED    Contact Phone: 281.237.3605   

Special Education Shayla Akins Aide: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Elise Andrews Diagnostic Specialist    Contact Phone: 281.237.3623   

Special Education Cassandra Archie Aide: 18+ transition    Contact Phone: 281.237.3000   

Special Education Teresa Babaahmadi Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3000   

Special Education Anntasia Baker Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3000   

Special Education Maysaa Barakat Aide: HCAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Melinda Benavides Interpreter    Contact Phone: 281.237.3154   

Special Education Jennifer Choate Aide: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Stefani Cohens Aide: WBL    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Cassie Dawson HCAP Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.3676   

Special Education Brittany Dobbins WBLA Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Ann Elandt-Goolsby Teacher: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3614   

Special Education Gabriel Ellis Aide: HCAP    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Cindy Fernandez-Torres Teacher: 18+ Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.9212   

Special Education Jeanette Gonzales 18+ Transition Para    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Melanie Gumbert Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Skylar Harrison Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3000   

Special Education Ajee Hayes Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Dr. Stephanie Hofer LSSP    Contact Phone: 281.396.2466   

Special Education Kristen Hori ICS Algebra I, Resource Alt Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3649   

Special Education Jada Jones Teacher ICS & Girls Basketball    Contact Phone: 281.237.3185   

Special Education Jennifer Jones Teacher: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3639   

Special Education Leander Jones Teacher: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.4408   

Special Education Joseph Kaupert Teacher: ICS, Wrestling Coach    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Tasha Krenek Teacher: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3646   

Special Education Tiffany Lee Aide: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Scott Lennon WBL Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.3121   

Special Education John Marcelle Deaf Ed    Contact Phone: 281.237.3154   

Special Education JoAnne McCollam Aide: 18+ Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Brittani McFarland Aide: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Gertrude Mclemore Aide: 18+ Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Aisha Metwally Diag Clerk    Contact Phone: 281.237.3187   

Special Education Amber Mickey Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Brittany Mitchell Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Abagail Musselman Teacher: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.4407   

Special Education Robert Neuman RISE Teacher    Contact Phone: 281.237.3169   

Special Education Shiloh Norton Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Lauren O'Connor Teacher: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Robert Perry Teacher: RISE    Contact Phone: 281.237.4457   

Special Education Dagmar Pesakova Resource Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3647   

Special Education Lailani Ramos Teacher: Resource English, SPED Dyslexia    Contact Phone: 281.237.3639   

Special Education Jorge Rincon Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Jason Sanders Teacher: Reading, Transition    Contact Phone: 281.237.3664   

Special Education Lisa Simon Aide: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Adila Suleimanji Teacher: Life Skills 18+    Contact Phone: 281.237.3194   

Special Education Adriana Taboada Teacher: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3129   

Special Education Camisha Talley Teacher: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3149   

Special Education Anna Taylor Dyslexia Intervention    Contact Phone: 281.237.5348   

Special Education Lauren Taylor Aide: RISE    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education J'Aaliyah Thomas Aide: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Devonna Thompson RISE Para    Contact Phone: 281.237.3000   

Special Education Emily Uwe Diagnostic Specialist    Contact Phone: 281.237.3184   

Special Education Virginia Vancil Aide: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Special Education Anjelica Werning Teacher: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3604   

Special Education Marie Whiteman Teacher: ICS    Contact Phone: 281.237.3696   

Special Education Tara Williams Diagnostic Specialist    Contact Phone: 281.237.3627   

Special Education Fadi Zoraky Teacher: Life Skills    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Instructional Support Sura Al Najm Aide: ESL    Contact Phone: 281.237.3100   

Instructional Support Christina Alvarado Librarian    Contact Phone: 281.237.3000   

Instructional Support Meredith Christensen ESL Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.1313   

Instructional Support Mitchell Dickey Aide: ESL    Contact Phone: 281.237.3194   

Instructional Support Mandy Elizondo Speech Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281.237.3684   

Instructional Support Emily Elliott Instructional Coach - Social Studies    Contact Phone: 281.237.3602   

Instructional Support Alexandra Hofferek Instructional Coach - Science    Contact Phone: 281.237.3666   

Instructional Support Earnest Jackson ISS Para    Contact Phone: 281.237.9285   

Instructional Support Stephanie Lemus Speech Pathologist    Contact Phone: 281.237.3671   

Instructional Support Rob Macgregor Instructional Coach - English    Contact Phone: 281.237.3635   

Instructional Support Ilian Nieves Rivera Library Aide    Contact Phone: 281.237.3000   

Instructional Support Liz Olah Gifted & Talented Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.396.2685   

Instructional Support Claudia Pineda Aide: ESL    Contact Phone: 281.237.9252   

Instructional Support Jennifer Schaeffer Instructional Coordinator    Contact Phone: 281.237.9296   

Instructional Support Elizabeth Viveros Aide: ESL    Contact Phone: 281.237.3169   

Instructional Support Eric Warren Testing Facilitator    Contact Phone: 281.237.3622   

Instructional Support Dr. Stephanie Worthington Instructional Coach - Math    Contact Phone: 281.237.3632   

Instructional Support Daniel Young Study Hall, KOLA    Contact Phone: 281.237.9270   

Office Support Melissa Martin Secretary: Fine Arts    Contact Phone: 281.237.3178   

Office Support Sharon Mitchell Clerk: Financial    Contact Phone: 281.237.3155   

Office Support Vivian Turner Clerk: Copy Room    Contact Phone: 281.237.3156   

Office Support Carolina Valenzuela Clerk: Receptionist    Contact Phone: 281.237.3117   

Office Support Denise Pyron Clerk: Receptionist 9th Grade Center    Contact Phone: 281.237.3158   

Office Support Susana Camacho Chavez Clerk: Registrar    Contact Phone: 281.237.3159   

Security Candace Calip Campus Security    Contact Phone: 281.237.3144   

Security Kim Herring KISD Police Officer    Contact Phone: 281.237.9903   

Security Marques Payne KISD Police Officer    Contact Phone: 281.237.0223   

Security Wanya Walker Campus Security    Contact Phone: 281.237.3146   

Support Staff Micaela Carrera-Anaya Food Service Manager    Contact Phone: 281.237.3140   

Support Staff Paula Maldonado Assistant Head Custodian    Contact Phone: 281.237.3139   

Support Staff Norma Salcedo Head Custodian    Contact Phone: 281.237.3139