• Safety Guidelines for Bikers and Walkers

    Here are some essential guidelines to ensure your child's safety when they ride their bike to school, and we encourage all JHS families to discuss these important rules. 

    1. Crosswalks: When approaching a crosswalk, remind your child to get off their bike and walk it across. This simple practice ensures they are visible to both pedestrians and drivers, reducing the risk of accidents.
    2. Sidewalks and One-way Streets: In the absence of a dedicated bike lane, advise your child to ride their bike on the sidewalk or near the curb to the right. It's important to emphasize that riding against the flow of traffic on a one-way street is dangerous and should be avoided.
    3. Parking Lots: One common mistake young cyclists make is cutting across parking lots. Stress the importance of not doing this. Parking lots are busy places where cars are backing out, parking, and searching for spots. It's difficult for drivers to spot cyclists, making it a risky choice.
    4. Avoiding Traffic: Teach your child not to cut between cars sitting in traffic in parking lots or streets. Encourage them to use the sidewalk or walk their bike at the nearest crosswalk. This simple choice can make a significant difference in their safety.
    5. Locking Up Bikes: At the beginning of the school day, make sure your child locks up their bike at a designated bicycle rack. This practice not only ensures the safety of their bike but also prevents obstacles and hazards in the school area.
    6. Pedestrian Safety: Safety isn't just for cyclists; it's for pedestrians too. Encourage your child to use crosswalks when crossing streets and parking lots. This not only keeps them safe but also sets a good example for other students and fosters responsible behavior. 

    Having a conversation with your child about these bicycle safety rules is vital. Remind them that these practices aren't just about following the rules but about ensuring their safety and the safety of those around them. By practicing responsible and safe cycling, they can enjoy the many benefits of riding a bike to school while minimizing potential risks.