​​Loraine T. Golbow

  • Loraine Tidwell was born November 11, 1906 in Iredell, Texas to John and Fannie Tidwell. She graduated from North Texas State College with her B.S. and attended The University of Houston where she earned her Master's in Education.

    In 1930, when Addicks was known as "Letita" depot on the Katy line, Loraine came to Addicks to teach 7th grade and Homemaking. During this time teaching in Addicks, she lived in the Teacherie four blocks from the school. Loraine also taught in Hico and Boling for a few years before returning to Addicks.

    One day, she had car trouble and Joe Golbow, owner of a local garage, came to help her. They married on December 23, 1939 and raised three sons: Stanley, Tommy and Walter Lee.

    Addicks had many changes due to the building of the Barker Reservoirs. Mrs. Golbow rejoined the staff at Addicks in 1951 teaching second and third grade. She remained there until she joined the staff at the Katy School in 1958. She returned to Addicks to teach in 1961 and remained there until the day she retired in 1971.

    Her career spanned a 40-year period with 26 years of her years at Addicks. She was awarded the PTA Lifetime Membership​ Award in 1970 by he Addicks-Barker PTA. Mrs. Golbow's claim to fame was that she was able to teach some of the children of many of her former students. She was able to teach her own son, Walter Lee. When asked how that worked out, Walter Lee answered, "Mom cut me no slack in her class."