1. House Council, formerly Student Council, allows students to share their ideas, interests, and concerns with staff. Members will help create enthusiasm for the House System at NCE. Members will have an integral role at all House Rallies, showing off their spirit and leadership skills.  Members will help support outreach programs and social activities for the school.  
    1. 5th grade House Leaders were nominated by teachers for exhibiting Noble Knight Characteristics, leadership skills, and school spirit.

    Nominated students for House Leader (Isibindi, Altruismo, Reveur, and Amistad) will be interviewed for the position by a committee of administrative professionals.

    1. Co-House Leaders (Isibindi, Altruismo, Reveur, and Amistad)) will run for office. This position will be voted on by 3rd-5th grade students. 
    2. Other positions that students will run for are as follows: Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. These three positions will also be voted on by 3rd-5th grade students.
    3. Students on the House Council will meet monthly after school.




    Congratulations to all of the candidates who interviewed for our first-ever House Council Leaders.

    All of the candidates should be proud of themselves for applying. 

    Our 2023-2024 House Council Representatives are: 

    Altruismo House Leader: Gavin Verner

    Amistad House Leader: Sophia Gutierrez

    Isibindi House Leader: Baelyn Glenn

    Reveur House Leader: Keaton Watson

    I know they will represent their Houses and our entire NCE Knight Community well!