Read Deed Run

  • What is Read, Deed, Run (RDR)? 

    RDR is an all-encompassing program for the WHOLE child. Students in grades 3, 4 & 5, commit to a 26-week program in which they will read 26 books (or 2600 pages), perform 26 good deeds in the community, and run a total of 26.2 miles. Students run their final 1.2 miles in a "race" to earn their Finisher's t-shirt and a medal. 

    Read Requirement

    • Students are required to read 26 books or 2600 pages.
    • Books read in school can count towards the Read requirement.
    • Books must be at the student's reading level.
    • Records of the books read will be kept in the student's RDR book. 

    Deed Requirement

      • Students are required to perform 26 deeds in or for the community.
      • One deed = One hour of service​
      • Deed opportunities will be communicated throughout the program.
      • A Deed opportunity is NEVER required, it is completely up to the student and their family to decide if they wish to participate.

    Run Requirement

    • Students are required to Run a total of 25 miles throughout the course of the program.
    • On Run Days, students will run a mile on a course supervised by coaches.  Staff will be with students at all times.
    • Students will need to dress appropriately – shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.