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Katy ISD Robotics Teams Display Ingenuity and Spirit at State Competition

KATY, TX [April 9, 2024] – The atmosphere was buzzing at the UIL State Robotics Competition held over the weekend, where 86 teams from across the state converged to showcase their ingenuity, technical ability, and teamwork. The competition, consisting of two FIRST Robotics Tournaments – the Apollo Tournament and the Mercury Tournament, witnessed extraordinary displays of innovation from all who participated.


Cinco Ranch High School emerged triumphant in the Apollo Tournament, demonstrating exceptional engineering and teamwork throughout the competition. Their remarkable performance led them to the final State Championship round, where they faced off against the winner of the Mercury Tournament. The competition was fierce, and their runner-up finish cemented their place as one of the top robotics teams in the state.


Katy ISD had seven of its high schools vying for top honors at the competition. Among them, Cinco Ranch High School, Jordan High School, Tompkins High School, and Seven Lakes High School earned their place in the upcoming World Championship. These talented teams will now represent their schools and the Katy community on a global stage at the George R. Brown Convention Center from April 17 to April 20.


Additionally, Morton Ranch High School secured the Team Spirit Award for the second consecutive year, demonstrating their commitment to camaraderie, sportsmanship, and positivity within the robotics community.


"This year's UIL State Robotics Competition was a testament to the incredible talent and dedication of our robotics teams," said Steve Adams, Facility Coordinator at Katy ISD’s Robert R. Shaw Center for STEAM. "We witnessed exceptional teamwork, innovation, and perseverance from all participating teams, making it a truly unforgettable event."


The success of the UIL State Robotics Competition highlights the importance of STEM education and robotics programs in shaping the future leaders of technology and innovation. It serves as a platform for students to apply their knowledge, skills, and creativity in real-world challenges, preparing them for success in the rapidly evolving fields of science and technology.


As anticipation builds for the upcoming World Championship, the teams from Katy ISD are gearing up to showcase their talents on a global stage, aiming to make their mark while proudly representing their school and community.


Cinco Ranch High School – Apollo Division Champions


Morton Ranch High School – Spirit Award