​Sustaining ​​​Investors

  • Sustaining Investors who provide recurring, automated contributions of any amount are an integral part of the Katy ISD Education Foundation community.  By giving through electronic transfer or payroll deduction for at least one year, our Sustaining Investors provide the consistent financial base that allows our foundation and teacher grant program to thrive.

    ​Sustained contributions can be made on the 5th of every month through electronic bank transfers or credit card donations:

    • ​Credit card contributions can be initiated online or by form​ completed and returned to the foundation office.
    • Checking account transfers requires written submission with a voided check attached.  To do so, complete this form​​ and return it with your voided check to the foundation office.

    Sustained contribution enrollment forms should be mailed to:

    Katy ISD Education Foundation
    P.O. Box 159, Katy, TX 77492-0159

    If you are interested in becoming a Sustaining Investor, contact Janet Theis at (281) 396-6031 or Foundation@katyisd.org​​